The Journey to Better Hearing

The process of improving your hearing is a journey and everyone has a unique story to tell. What’s the right solution for your hearing loss? These stories share a look into the lives of people with different types of hearing loss, their day-to-day experiences and how they found treatment that works for them.

Meet Stan

  • First experienced hearing loss in the 60s and 70s
  • Used to rely on lip-reading, turning his head, and saying “what?” to compensate for hearing loss
  • Put off diagnosis and treatment till friends and family said something was needed

Meet Jaimee

  • First experienced hearing loss in her 20s
  • Experienced hearing technology user
  • Her husband and kids would have to repeat themselves a lot
  • Needed technology for the corporate and family environments and a hearing care professional who cared about her individual needs

Meet Steve

  • First experienced noticeable hearing loss in the 80s
  • Life of playing music
  • Put off diagnosis and treatment till Aerosmith guitarist, Brad Whitford, showed him his hearing aids
  • Needed technology that was built for musicians and professionals

Our team can help you navigate that journey, which begins with awareness and identification of your hearing difficulties and follows a customized path toward a successful outcome. We offer a wide array of audiology services designed to advance this journey and make the path to better hearing easy for you.