Bluetooth Hearing Aid Technology

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Bluetooth technology has grown in recent years and can now be used in many different ways. It's a wireless technology platform that allows data to be transferred between two different devices, which often means playing sound wirelessly through one device from another. It is used in many different devices, from computers and smartphones to speakers, headphones and TVs. Bluetooth technology is also available in some hearing aids, making it possible to connect your devices to other audio sources wirelessly. There are several options if you want to be able to use Bluetooth technology with your hearing aids.

Apple-compatible hearing aids

Apple is a leading provider of accessible technology, and they have often been praised for their accessibility options on their devices. Apple has also patented Bluetooth connectivity with hearing aids to allow certain hearing aids to pair with their iOS devices. This includes devices such as iPhones and iPads, with the technology designed to offer a direct wireless connection that doesn't drain the device's battery too much. If hearing aids feature Bluetooth and are designed to work with Apple products, they will say that they are Made for iPhone. Most hearing aid manufacturers have released products that work with Apple products.

Android-compatible hearing aids

If you use an Android phone or another device, you no longer have to miss out. It took longer for the options to be available, but 2019 will likely see the introduction of Made for Android hearing aids. This is hugely important because, although Apple has loyal users, Android devices are a huge share of the market. The Android platform is used by many different brands, whereas Apple's platform is only found on Apple products. So the new technology gives users more choice when it comes to their devices. However, it's the fact that Android is used by different brands that has impacted Bluetooth integration progression.

Bluetooth hearing aids to use with any phone

While you're waiting for Bluetooth hearing aids to use with Android, there are other ways to use Bluetooth technology with your hearing aids. For example, the Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aids have Bluetooth technology that works with any phone. Several other products are designed to do the same thing, so it doesn't matter what operating system your phone or other device uses. However, some of these devices are limited in how you can use them. With some, you might be able to watch TV, but you can't use them to listen to music.

Using a streamer to connect devices to your hearing aids

Most hearing aids today feature wireless technology that allows them to connect to each other and provide a complete listening experience. But if your hearing aids don't have Bluetooth, you might be wondering how you can connect to other devices. One of the options is to use a device called a streamer, which acts as a bridge between the wireless technology in your hearing aids and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Streamers can be worn around your neck or sometimes placed in your pocket so that you can use them hands-free and you can take them anywhere with you too.

While streamers might sound less convenient than having hearing aids with built-in Bluetooth, they can offer several benefits to hearing aid users. For example, streamers often allow you to connect to several different Bluetooth devices. So you can connect to your phone and perhaps also to your laptop or your TV at the same time. You can also have remote control of your hearing aids with many streaming devices so that you can change the volume or the program from the streamer. Using a streamer means you can universally connect to a range of devices, and you won't be limited to one operating system.

Using Bluetooth with your hearing aids

If you want to know more about using Bluetooth with your hearing aids, you can speak to your audiologist. Perhaps it's time for new hearing aids, and you're considering getting new devices with built-in Bluetooth technology. But if you already have hearing aids that you're happy with, they can help you to find the right device that allows you to connect your hearing aids to Bluetooth devices. There are several options available if you're interested in Bluetooth technology and how it could help you.

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