Hearing Aids and Insurance

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Although hearing aids are incredibly important devices that can significantly improve quality of life, and even help to guard against future health issues, very few insurance companies include hearing aids in their policy. For the 35 million Americans who experience hearing loss, the lack of coverage can make obtaining the treatment they need incredibly tricky.

Why are hearing aids not covered by insurance?

The majority of health insurance companies view hearing aids as essentially voluntary rather than necessary treatment. While such an assessment is undeniably unfair – hearing aids are simply vital for individuals who are experiencing hearing loss – it is, unfortunately, incredibly common.

If a hearing test has identified that you would benefit from a hearing aid, the best first step is to call your insurer and ask if hearing aids are covered under your policy. Even if the answer is likely to be no, it’s always worth double-checking.

Can you switch providers?

Some (often specialist) health insurance companies do provide coverage for hearing aids, which may cause you to wonder if you can just switch to these plans and be sure of obtaining the device you require.

Unfortunately, even switching to a new provider is likely to be problematic if you have already been diagnosed with hearing loss. In such a scenario, your new insurance company could classify your hearing loss as a pre-existing condition, which would then be excluded from your coverage. As a result, switching providers is unlikely to be beneficial for the purposes of acquiring a hearing aid.

Does Medicaid/Medicare cover hearing aids?

Not usually, though it varies from state to state. The best way to find out if you can obtain hearing aids through a government program is to contact your local authority for more information.

How can hearing aids be financed without insurance?

This, of course, is the crucial question – and thankfully, there is a simple solution: you can agree a payment plan with your audiologist.

Audiologists are aware of the limitations regarding insurance coverage for hearing aids, while also being particularly aware of the need for hearing aids. As a result, the vast majority of audiologist’s offices have sought to bridge the gap and ensure that their patients are always able to access the important treatment they require. To achieve this, most audiologists will offer a form of payment plan to their patients.

These payment plans are an excellent choice for those who would prefer to spread the cost of their hearing aid over a number of months rather than paying the full amount upfront. You will be able to select your preferred hearing aid, and then make regular payments – usually monthly – towards the overall cost.

What are the benefits of hearing aid payment plans?

The main benefit is simple: you will be able to invest in your health and obtain the hearing aid that you need without insurance. You will also be able to enjoy the flexibility of a payment plan, allowing you to spread the cost and ensure it aligns neatly with your existing budget.

Furthermore, opting for a payment plan from your audiologist ensures that you can be confident your hearing aid will be a worthwhile investment. As experts, audiologists can be selective, only choosing to provide hearing aids that are effective. Your audiologist can make a direct recommendation as to which device may suit you and then ensure you receive that exact device; a process that is highly conducive to successful treatment.

It is also worth noting that by opting for a payment plan provided by your audiologist, you can be sure of purchasing a new, up-to-date device. While a new device is likely to be the most effective choice in terms of treatment, it is also important to note that your device will also come supplied with a warranty. This warranty is essentially a financial protection; if your device malfunctions, then the manufacturer will step in and ensure it is repaired – so you can be sure you will always have access to the hearing aid you need.

Finally, opting to purchase your hearing aid via your audiologist’s office is often the simplest process. There’s no need to worry about insurance or lengthy claims procedures; instead, you can simply arrange a payment plan, choose a device that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements, and relax.

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